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  • Pasta and rice dishes
  • Game
  • Poultry
  • Meat: lamb stew, well-seasoned stews, cold meat, and smoked cheeses


Until the 80s, Syrah was exclusive to Italian and French producers.

On the palate

Syrah wines tend to have aromatic notes of wild red and black berries, and sometimes, depending on their production and ageing, are reminiscent of blackberry and plum compote. Syrah wines that have been aged in oak, however, tend to display aromas of white truffle, black olives, and spices. On the palate, it brings notes of berries such as blackcurrant with a long finish, and an intense acidity that pairs well with some foods.

Cabernet Sauvignon

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  • Grilled and roasted red meats
  • Dishes featuring black truffle or mushrooms
  • Strong and mature (Emmental), or fatty cheeses (Camembert)
  • Dishes with bitter flavours, such as artichokes or endives


The ease of cultivation in almost any soil makes this the most cultivated variety in the world, with France as its biggest global producer.

In El Buen Vivir, you’ll find this grape in our D.O. Castile and León and Ribera del Duero wines.

On the palate

Expect fruity aromas, especially blackberry and blackcurrant, with herbaceous notes.

Malbec D.O. Ribera del Duero

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  • Desserts such as creamy ice cream with raspberry sauce, or dark chocolate mousse
  • Poultry stews with mushrooms
  • Roast meats
  • Meat with sauteed onions and Malbec sauce


This grape used to grow in the Bordeaux region and is referred to by French winemakers as “côt”. It was used in the production of Cahors wines (commonly named after the region), which were hugely famous during the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages.

Not widely grown in Spain, it is cultivated in regions as diverse as La Mancha or Ribera del Duero.

Today, Malbec is better known for its expansion and popularity in Argentina, where it was introduced in the Mendoza region during the mid-19th century by a French oenologist.

You can find this variety in El Buen Vivir in our Tomás Postigo wines from D.O. Ribera del Duero.

On the palate

Malbec wine is famous for its fruity yet well-balanced flavour.

The high alcohol content and tones of oak blend perfectly, leaving a slightly sweet aftertaste.


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Many traditional Castillan dishes can be paired with Tempranillo wines.

  • Red and game meat
  • Roasts
  • Poultry
  • White meats
  • Serrano ham and other cold meats
  • Cured and blue cheeses

It can also pair perfectly with pizzas, pasta or spicy dishes.


The Tempranillo variety is one of the most important varieties in its native Spain. Although it has always been grown in the Rioja region, it is now widely cultivated across the entire country.

You can find this grape variety in El Buen Vivir in our D.O. La Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Castile and León wines.

On the palate

Tempranillo wines tend to have many layers of flavours, some of which include strawberry, plum, ripe berries, sometimes with herbaceous and floral notes. When aged, notes of vanilla, chocolate, tobacco, and roasted aromas are present, making it a highly complex wine. This is a medium to full-bodied wine, with high levels of tannins and acidity and rich in colour. On the palate, Tempranillo wines display a pleasant and silky attack, with a subtle acidity and smoothness, and the finesse of tannins.

Tinto Fino

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  • A young Tinto Fino pairs perfectly with stews, pasta and rice dishes, and freshwater fish
  • Griddled pork or lamb with a fruit sauce
  • Tinto Fino wines that have been aged for long periods of time are ideal for pairing with traditional Spanish dishes, red meat and game, roasts, poultry, white meats, ham and other cold meats, cured and blue cheeses


Tinto Fino is a very special variety of Tempranillo, unique to the Ribera del Duero region. The grapes of this vine are smaller in diameter and the bunches are looser, resulting in more concentrated wines, with great aromatic complexity and personality.

On the palate

Tinto Fino wines offer an intense red colour with purple hues when young, changing to tawny when aged.

They display aromas of strawberry, plum, ripe berries, sometimes with herbaceous and floral notes. When aged, they have notes of vanilla, chocolate, tobacco, and roasted aromas.

On the palate, it displays a pleasant and silky attack, with a subtle acidity and smoothness and the finesse of tannins. Oak wood and Tinto Fino are a great combination. Both American and French oak are perfect for ageing Tinto Fino wine, imparting notes of vanilla, coconut, fruits, and spices.

Petit Verdot D.O. Castilla y León

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  • Meat and rice dishes
  • Cold meats
  • White meat


Petit Verdot wines are originally from Bordeaux, France. This variety of red grape is almost always used for mixing with other varieties from the Bordeaux region.

The most exotic of the Bordeaux varieties, it is used in small quantities to bring colour, freshness, and additional tannins to different coupages. The variety has adapted superbly to the terroir at Abadía Retuerta, where they harnessed its potential to create a unique and original red wine: elegant, fine and seductive, with a great ageing potential.

On the palate

To the nose, aromas of ripe red fruit, with floral notes and a slightly spicy touch stand out. On the palate, it is unctuous, with a soft and sweet mid-palate and a long, silky, finish.

Tinta de Toro D.O. Toro

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  • Red meats
  • Game (hare, wild boar, deer)
  • Wildfowl
  • Stews
  • Dishes with very dense sauces and with a strong flavour


The Tinta de Toro grape is a variety that, as its name indicates, belongs to red grapes. This strain is native to the region of Toro in Zamora, being the influential grape in the D.O de Toro.

The Tinta de Toro is considered to be of the same origin as the Tempranillo strain, but through the passing of time, its adaptation to the climate and the soil has adopted different characteristics that make it a unique variety in the world.

In El Buen Vivir you will find this type of grape in our D.O. Toro, Sierra Cantabria from the winery Teso La Monja .

On the palate

Its aroma comes from black and red fruits that intensify and tend to have a sweet and intoxicating aroma. It also has some notes of vanilla, spices and cinnamon as the background of its essence.

The flavour of Tinta de Toro is very intense with the predominance of ripe red fruits, wood and cinnamon are the final touches of flavor. The acidity balances the wine, making it last intensely in the mouth. Tannins are the consequence of this moderation.

Mencía D.O. Bierzo

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  • Meat, especially game, lamb, and red meat
  • Manchego cheese


Although its origins go back to ancient Rome, a phylloxera epidemic meant that Mencía vines had to be moved to the north of Spain.

It is said to be one of the oldest existing strains, as it was grown by ancient mediaeval monasteries.

The Mencía grape can be found in Galicia, Spain, and in the north of Portugal, where it is perfectly suited to the mountain climate.
You can find this grape variety in El Buen Vivir in our D.O. Bierzo, from Finca Losada.

On the palate

The colour and texture of the Mencía grape are somewhat like Cabernet Franc, while it also has distinct characteristics.

This wine has a deep raspberry colour, with wild and exotic floral hues. On the palate it presents notes of red, black and blue fruits, with round and soft tannins.
On the nose you will be greeted by delicate floral notes, with an intense aroma of wild red and black fruits and mineral notes, and a background of blackberry and fruit preserves.

It is velvety on the palate, and medium to high levels of acidity give it its characteristic sweetness.

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D.O. Bierzo: Godello Losada White Wine

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  • White fish
  • Raw, cooked, or grilled seafood
  • Brothy chicken or turkey stews, or lightly seasoned red meat
  • “Arroz caldoso” (or rice in broth) with seafood or mushrooms
  • Salads with a sweet and savoury contrast, such as pear and blue cheese


Native from Galicia and more specifically, from the banks of the Sil river, this variety is the most important in D.O. Valdeorras, although it can be found in other denominations of origin such as Monterrey and Bierzo.

On the palate

The aromas in Godello wine are generally complex and hard to define. Some that stand out, however, are fruit (apple and pear) aromas with mineral notes, herbaceous aromas and a very subtle floral aroma. On the palate, this wine displays a fresh and intense acidity, is quite glyceric but very well-structured. When aged, it becomes silky and pleasant, and if aged in contact with its lees, it becomes more unctuous, voluminous, and aromatic.

D.O. Castilla y León: Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo

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  • It is great as an aperitif with salted anchovies, olives, or fried fish
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • All kinds of salads: from a simple leaf and vegetable salad to chicken salads, such as a Caesar salad
  • Creamy and fatty cheeses like ricotta, Camembert, or Brie


Sauvignon Blanc originates from the French regions of Bordeaux and Haute Loire, where it is said to reach its most perfect state.

Verdejo is the main white grape in D.O Rueda and it has since expanded to the Cigales and Toro regions in Spain.

On the palate

When combined, Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo offer sweet and fruity notes.

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D.O. Penedès: Xarel·lo, Macabea, Chardonnay and Parellada

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  • Xarel·lo: a white grape traditionally used in cava coupages. Xarel·lo white wines are extremely refreshing.
  • Macabeo: a white grape cultivated in the Spanish regions of Catalonia, Aragon, La Rioja, Castile-La Mancha, Valencia, and Extremadura.
  • Parellada: the finest of the white grape varieties from the Penedès Region, in Catalonia. It produces aromatic, dry white wines, with a fresh aroma and a delicate, fruity acidity.
  • Chardonnay: a variety originally from Burgundy that produces very well-balanced, aromatic wines, with medium levels of alcohol.


Very versatile. They go well with food but are also perfect as an aperitif or as a dessert.

On the palate

You’ll be greeted by intense ripe white fruit, apple and vine peach flavours, as well as citric and zesty lemon notes. Tones of anise, fennel, and hints of wheat, butter and brioche. The ripe aromas of apple pie, marzipan and toasted egg yolk are intensified by oxidation.

On the palate, it is lively and fresh, with fine and creamy bubbles. Notes of ripe and baked fruit compotes. A sparkling wine that shows its personality and finesse, year after year.


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