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  • Pasta and rice dishes.
  • Hunting.
  • Birds.
  • Meats: lamb stews, well seasoned stews, sausages and smoked cheeses.


It was exclusive to Italian and French producers until the 1980s.

In the mouth

Syrah aromas are related to wild red fruits and violets, even, depending on its elaboration and aging, reminiscent of plum compotes or blackberries. However, those that have been aged in wood usually have aromas of white truffle, black olive and spices. The palate of these wines evokes blackcurrant and cassis, with deep and persistent memories, with an intense acidity to pair with some foods.

Cabernet Sauvignon

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  • Roasted and grilled red meats.
  • Dishes with black truffle, mushrooms or mushrooms.
  • Strong, mature (emental) or fatty (camembert) cheeses
  • Dishes with bitter flavors such as artichokes or endives.


It is the second most cultivated grape in the world, thanks to its adaptability to any type of soil, France being the world’s largest producer of this type of grape.

In El Buen Vivir you will find this grape in our wines of D.O. Castilla y León and Ribera del Duero.

In the mouth

It will leave many memories of fruit, especially blackberries and currants, with herbaceous notes.

Malbec D.O. Ribera del Duero

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  • Desserts such as creamy ice cream with raspberry sauce or dark chocolate mousse.
  • Poultry stews with mushrooms.
  • Roasted meats.
  • Meat with reduced Malbec sauce and sautéed onion.


This grape was grown in the Bordeaux area under the name of “cot” and was used to make the wines of Cahors, using the name of the area, which were very famous in the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages.

In Spain it is not very widespread and is grown in areas as diverse as La Mancha and Ribera del Duero.

But if this grape is famous, it is undoubtedly for its expansion and good work in Argentina, where it was introduced in the middle of the 19th century by a French winemaker in Mendoza.

In El Buen Vivir you will find this grape in our Tomás Postigo wines of D.O. Ribera del Duero.

In the mouth

It is a wine that expresses a lot of fruit, but a fruit that is not aggressive, but rather balanced fruit, in its right measure.

This fruit also accepts and transmits both the wood and the alcohol, as both are integrated leaving as a final result on the palate, an aftertaste with hints of sweetness.


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Many of the traditional Castilian dishes can be accompanied by Tempranillo wines.

  • Red meat/hunting.
  • Roasts
  • Birds
  • White meats
  • Serrano ham and sausages
  • Cured cheeses and blue cheeses

Although it can also be an excellent ally to accompany pastas, pizzas and spicy dishes.


Tempranillo is one of the most important native grape varieties in Spain and has always been cultivated in La Rioja, although it has spread throughout the country.

In El Buen Vivir you will find this type of grape in our wines of D.O. La Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Castilla y León.

In the mouth

Some aromas present in wine from Tempranillo are: strawberry, plum, ripe red fruits, sometimes herbal/floral and after aging: vanilla, chocolate, tobacco, roasted, etc. It can be a very complex wine. It is a wine with magnificent conditions of alcoholic richness, color and acidity. In the mouth the Tempranillo shows a gentle, silky entry, with discreet acidity, softness and fine tannins.

Fine Red

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  • A young red wine will pair perfectly with stews, pasta, rice dishes and river fish.
  • Grilled pork or lamb with a fruity sauce.
  • A long-aged red wine will be ideal to accompany traditional Castilian dishes, red meats, game, roasts, poultry, white meats, ham and sausages, and cured and blue cheeses.


The Tinto Fino variety belongs to the Tempranillo and this very special variety is found in Ribera del Duero. The grapes from these vineyards have a smaller diameter and the clusters are looser; we obtain more concentrated wines, with a lot of aromatic power and more personality.

In the mouth

To the eye, the Tinto Fino tasting offers a marked intensity, intense red color, violet hues in its youth and russet color with age.

Some of the aromas present in the wine from this grape are strawberry, plum, ripe red fruits, sometimes herbal/floral and, after aging, vanilla, chocolate, tobacco or roasted.

The palate has a friendly, silky entry, with discreet acidity, softness and fine tannins. The oak and the Tinto Fino fit together very well. Both the American and French oak integrate seamlessly and contribute notes of vanilla and coconut, fruit and spicy flavors.

Petit Verdot D.O. Castilla y León

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  • Meat rice
  • Sausages
  • White meats


Petit Verdot wines originate from Bordeaux – France. It is a red grape variety and is almost always used to blend other grape varieties also originating from Bordeaux.

This grape, the most exotic of the Bordeaux varieties, is used in small proportions to give nerve to different blends, but at Abadía Retuerta they have taken advantage of the excellent adaptation of this variety to its terroir to create a unique and very original red wine. Elegant, fine, seductive and with a great aging capacity.

In the mouth

Ripe red fruit aromas on the nose, with floral notes and a very subtle spicy touch. The palate is unctuous, with a soft, sweet and smooth passage. The finish is long and refined.

Tinta de Toro D.O. Toro

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  • Red meat
  • Hunting (hare, wild boar, deer)
  • Hunting birds
  • Stews
  • Dishes with very dense sauces and a strong flavor


The Tinta de Toro grape is a variety, which as its name indicates, belongs to the red grapes. This grape is native to the region of Toro in Zamora, being the most influential grape in the D.O. Toro.

Tinta de Toro is considered to have the same origin as the Tempranillo grape variety, but over time, its adaptation to the climate and soil has adopted different characteristics that make it a unique variety in the world.

In El Buen Vivir you will find this type of grape in our D.O. Toro, Sierra Cantabria wines from the Teso La Monja winery.

In the mouth

Its aroma comes from black and red fruits that intensify and tend to make its aroma sweet and intoxicating. It also has some notes of vanilla, spices and cinnamon in the background of its essence.

The flavor of the Tinta de Toro is very intense with a predominance of ripe red fruits, wood and cinnamon are the final touches of flavor. The acidity balances the wine, making it linger in the mouth intensely. Tannins are the consequence of this moderation.

Mencía D.O. Bierzo

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  • Meat, especially game, lamb and red meats
  • Manchego cheese


Ancient Rome gave birth to Mencía vines, but a phylloxera epidemic forced the vineyard to move to northern Spain.

It is claimed that this strain is one of the oldest in existence: the ancient medieval monasteries already possessed this variety.

The Mencía grape can be found in Galicia and northern Portugal because it is perfectly adapted to the mountain climate.

At El Buen Vivir you will find this type of grape in our D.O. Bierzo wines from Finca Losada.

In the mouth

The Mencía grape has a color and texture similar to Cabernet Franc but its characteristics are clearly differentiated.
Its intense raspberry color, with wild and exotic floral tones. Red, black and blue fruits with soft and round tannins.

The aroma of Mencía has delicate notes of flowers, with intense red and black wild fruits, with mineral touches. Blackberry and jam background.

The palate is velvety. Its sweet flavor differentiates it from the others, as its good acidity makes it a very sweet wine.

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D.O. Bierzo: White Godello Losada wine

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  • White fish
  • Raw, cooked or grilled seafood.
  • Chicken or turkey stews, or lightly seasoned red meats.
  • Seafood or mushroom rice dishes.
  • Salads with contrasts of sweet and salty, for example with pear and blue cheese.


Native to Galicia and specifically to the banks of the river Sil, this is the most important variety of the Valdeorras D.O., although it is also very present in other denominations of origin such as Monterrey and Bierzo.

In the mouth

The aromas of the wine made with Godello are, in general terms, complex and not very well defined, but if we had to highlight any of them, they would undoubtedly be the fruity aromas (apple and pear) with mineral notes, herbaceous aromas and a very subtle floral aroma. The palate shows intense, fresh acidity and is quite glyceric but very well structured. When they have passed through a barrel they become very silky and pleasant, and if they have been in contact with their own lees, they gain in unctuousness, volume and aromatic power.

D.O. Castilla y León: Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo.

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  • As an appetizer: with salted anchovies, olives or fried fish.
  • Fish.
  • Seafood.
  • Salads of all kinds: from a salad with only vegetables to a salad with chicken, such as Caesar salad.
  • Creamy and fatty cheeses such as ricotta, camembert or brie.


Sauvignon Blanc comes from the French regions of Bordeaux and Haute-Loire, where it is said that Sauvignon Blanc reaches perfection.

Verdejo is the main white grape in the Rueda appellation and has been spreading with increasing acceptance in Cigales and Toro.

In the mouth

The combination of Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo offers us sweet fruity notes.

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D.O. Penedès: Xarel-lo, Macabea, Chardonnay and Parellada.

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  • Xarel-lo : is the white grape traditionally used in the coupage of cavas. Xarel-lo white wines are very fresh.
  • Macabeo: white grape grown in Catalonia, Aragon, La Rioja, Castilla la Mancha, Valencia and Extremadura.
  • Parellada: the finest of the traditional white varieties of the Penedès. It produces aromatic, dry whites with a fresh aroma and a delicate fruity acidity.
  • Chardonnay: a variety from Burgundy that produces very balanced, aromatic wines with a medium alcohol content.


Very versatile. It can be drunk throughout the meal, from the aperitif to the after-dinner meal.

In the mouth

Intense, ripe white fruit, apple, vineyard peach. Citrus notes of lemon peel. Aniseed tones, fennel, hints of wheat. Butter, brioche. Oxygenation enhances ripe aromas, apple pie, marzipan, toasted egg yolk.

In the mouth, it is lively and refreshing, with fine, creamy bubbles. Notes of ripe fruit compote and bakery. A sparkling wine that, year after year, demonstrates its personality and finesse.


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